Occlusive Barrier

You ask…


Why does my patch material have to be occlusive?  I’d love to use a fabric, something breathable, something that I can compost… and I see other companies using these materials.


Can you make me something like that?


We answer…


An occlusive barrier is one of the major components of the delivery system that gets your active ingredient farther than the surface of the skin.  (See:  “Transdermal or Topical?”)


Both types of the patches that we manufacture (monolithic and pad) have an occlusive layer between the active ingredients and the world.   This layer serves a specific function – it blocks the normal evaporation of surface water from the skin, and keeps the water from outside sources (such as showers) from penetrating the patch.   Instead of evaporating, that liquid then helps dissolve the active ingredient so that it can be absorbed. Although legally our products are not transdermal patches, American Custom Technologies strives to produce patches that will work.


We take great pride in the quality of our manufacturing, and if we know that something cannot provide the function it was intended to perform, we refuse to make it.  We use medical-grade adhesive in our monolithic patches and hypoallergenic adhesive in our pad patches to make our patches as comfortable to wear as possible, breathable or not.    Your custom creations are always made with function in mind!