Questions About Active Ingredients




Questions about active ingredients are common –

the world of topical patches is novel for many of our first-time clients.


Here are a few more frequently asked questions:


Where do the active ingredients in my patches come from?

We source the active ingredients in your patches from all over the world.   If you have a preference for a particular location or type of active ingredient, just let us know!    When you complete your order, you can ask us to send you the certificate of analysis (CoA) on your active ingredients and/or their MSDS sheets.   We acquire those from the manufacturers when we place our orders.


Can I send you my ingredient(s) to incorporate into the patches you manufacture for me?

You are welcome to source your own active ingredients and send them to us.   This may require R&D on our part, as not every form of active ingredient is appropriate for use in a topical patch.   When asking for a quote, please send us the CoA of the ingredients you’d like to use.


Why do you use the term, “active ingredients”?

We usually use a proprietary blend of excipients and permeation enhancers on all our patches and, in the case of our monolithic patches, the adhesive is mixed with the active ingredients directly.   None of these ingredients are “active” and none of these are usually part of the formulation conversation that we have with our clients.  (Of course there are always exceptions!  Some of our customers prefer to specify everything used, and that is a service we provide).


I’d like my product to be vegan.   Is this possible?



I’d like my product to be GMO-free and organic.  Can you do that?

Organic can be a bit difficult, as many of the components of the patches are chemically derived or processed.  However, we can generally find GMO-free sources for most other ingredients.   Please ask about specific ingredients and we’ll look them up for you.   Also, we are in negotiations with an all-natural excipient provider, which will give our customers a range of improved options.


Can my patches be breathable and biodegradable?

No.  An occlusive barrier, which is necessary to the proper function of a patch, precludes the ability of a patch to breathe.      Therefore patches cannot be made of biodegradable ingredients.   This is one of the places that you need to use a synthetic component.


Do you have a question about ingredients we haven’t covered?

Please contact us!

We pride ourselves on customer education.