What is a certificate of analysis (CoA)?


A certificate of analysis (or CoA) is a document attesting to the exact components of an active ingredient.

CoA are usually generated by third-party testing facilities.   When we buy ingredients for you, our vendors provide us with CoA on all ingredients, which we can share with you upon request.


Why would we ask you for a CoA?


Some of our customers prefer to supply their own active ingredients.   When that situation arises, our production lab needs to know what’s in the mix.

  • Concentration of active ingredient varies. Patch technology generally requires very concentrated ingredients.
  • Not all ingredients are legal in all areas – including ours.
  • Not all ingredients mix well with adhesives or absorb equally well into the skin.


Can we provide you with a CoA on our topical patches?


ACT doesn’t operate its own testing facility, but we are happy to arrange for CoA testing for you on finished goods for an additional fee.   We need to know in advance, as the testing process for natural ingredients requires that we submit samples of the raw ingredients that were used in production along with the finished patches.    Herbs, for example, are plants – and plant matter varies from one plant to the next.   Soil type, water, how well the plant grew… it all makes a difference.

The exception to the rule that certificates of analysis must be requested prior to ordering is CBD patches.  Standard CBD patch orders come with a CoA.