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Playing By The Rules

CBD Patch Manufacturers – Certified, Regulated, Careful

CBD patches fall under the regulations surrounding “cosmetics” as well as “industrial hemp products” in California.    Is your CBD patch manufacturer certified by the state that they do business in?   Do they provide rigorous and thorough CoA (certificates of analysis) for the raw hemp as well as the finished product?

You are not allowed to mix OTC drugs (such as menthol) in with CBD.   This is common with all nutraceutical products – you can’t mix OTC drugs with nutraceuticals (more here)   We are asked to produce patches that are illegal all the time.    These patches won’t get pass the industrial hemp certification process here in California – why make something that you might not be able to sell?   We’re not legal experts, but we do our best to keep abreast of the relevant information, and steer potential customers away from known problems.    Does your CBD patch manufacturer care more about your money – or you?




Are CBD patches legal?

After the Farm Bill, CBD is legal federally, but states differ – some states only allow the CBD product that has been cleared by the FDA for epilepsy, and CBD oils, patches and edibles are still illegal.  Some states allow CBD products, but only if they are produced within the state.   This is one of the situations where it is vital to do your own research, and if you’re entering the marketplace with CBD, consider legal assistance.   Many states have very confusing laws, and the FDA is still on the fence.

Check this link for more details.

Do CBD patches work?

Although CBD is not an FDA approved drug there is solid scientific research being done.  Please read up on your own, as you would with any other nutraceutical!  Why not check CBD out on pubmed?  Not every article is free, but you can get some great leads – real information without spin.   PubMed Link

If you’d like to be part of a CBD trial, hit up the clinicaltrials.gov page.

Do topical patches work?

Read more here. 



What’s the difference between THC and CBD?

Great question!  The short answer is that THC gets you high.   CBD does not.   I’ll refer you to this article for a longer explanation.


How do I know that there’s no THC in my CBD patch product?

All CBD sold in the United States has to be certified to be no more than .3% THC.   The first check is made in the field, the isolate/oil is certified, and our final patches are certified.   CBD is very thoroughly monitored all the way through the supply chain.

CBD Patch Manufacturers should be able to supply these certifications – and we can.  Some CBD products don’t have what they say on them… ours do, and we can prove it.    You want a product you can sell with confidence.


What’s the difference between isolate and full spectrum oil?

Full-spectrum oil has the full-spectrum of terpenes present represented.  You’re getting some CBN, CBG, etc.   However, full-spectrum is not available as a powder, only as an oil.   Therefore, it is unsuitable for use in a monolithic patch (oils don’t mix well with adhesive).  Isolate, on the other hand, is pure CBD, available as a powder.    You can make isolate into either pad or monolithic patches.   More details here.


DIY – Do It Yourself


Is it possible to get a THC:CBD blended product?

Yes – but we are unable to manufacture patches containing THC.    Do you want to make your own THC patch?   Please see us for dry pad patches  – they’re perfect for your in-house production.  Dry pad patches are made with the same quality materials we use in custom manufacturing minus the active ingredients.   This is the most popular use of our dry pad patches, and our THC patch customers come back regularly for the best pad patches on the market.



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