On-Shore Manufacturing



On-shore Manufacturing


On-shore manufacturing is becoming rapidly more popular in the post-COVID world.   Pandemic-related shutdowns are a thing of the past in the United States, but they’re still a consideration when you do business with other countries, particularly those in Asia.


Every time we think we’ve conquered the problems with doing business internationally, another one comes up.   Pandemics, industry shutdowns, severe weather events, and now war in Europe.


Can your business afford to deal with the uncertainty of deliveries from an off-shore contract manufacturer?


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause shutdowns for industry and radical delays in shipping.    Five years ago the cost of wages and overhead in the States could be avoided by paying manufacturers overseas.   The cost of shipping back then was easily offset by the savings.   Now?  The delays in shipping, the lead-time increases, the political unrest – all of these can leave you with an empty warehouse, and an empty warehouse can be very expensive indeed.


The topical patch industry is heavily dependent on word-of-mouth advertising and personal experience.  Your clients aren’t used to having products delayed, and they’re likely to move to a competitor if they can’t get their hands on the product they’ve come to depend on.    The last thing you want your customers to do is go to someone else because something out of your control has left you with an empty warehouse.


Imagine the years you’ve spent developing a relationship with your customers disappearing in minutes because you couldn’t deliver the product they’ve come to love.   The money you’ve spent on marketing, the time – it can all be for nothing if you’re out of product.


Now is not the time to extend your supply chain one step farther than you must.   Doing business with a contract manufacturer here in the States reduces your risk of delays due to shipping fiascos.   Who wants their product to sit on the ocean for months, or once off the ship, roll down tracks surrounded by thieves?    Avoid those problems with your finished goods by keeping your business on American soil.


Who do you want at your side?


American Custom Technologies knows how to make things happen, because we’ve been in business for decades, and we have a wide network of suppliers.   We’re solutions oriented and tell the truth, even when it isn’t what our customers want to hear.   We keep our customers updated and help them understand the manufacturing process and timelines.


Coming on-shore to do business with us gives you the opportunity to do business with a company that you can sit down with, face-to-face.   You can work with experts in the field who make patches to the highest quality standards.   You can be comfortable with the people you’re doing business with and reduce your uncertainty in uncertain times.


Why not give us a call and discuss on-shore manufacturing of your topical patches today?