Quality Materials

Quality Materials – They’re what you want to use when you’re bringing a new product to market.   Anyone can slap a label onto a package and put it up for sale – but if you want to build a reputation that lasts, a reputation for a product that makes a difference in your customers’ lives, a product that is something they just wouldn’t do without… you want to make something that you’re proud of.

The old saying is true.  “You get what you pay for!”  As the market for topical patches matures, production standards are becoming more important.  Your retail partner wants proof of quality, your end-user will have others who are using patches to compare stories with – you need a manufacturer who gives you the best quality in materials and in end-product.   That’s us.

American Custom Technologies offers our customers raw-material certificates of analysis on active ingredients, MSDS sheets on the physical components of the patch, and we are now proud to offer the option of a certificate of analysis on finished vitamin or CBD patches.   We’ve been using medical-grade materials since the outset.    We use the patches we manufacture, we put them on our family members.  We offer transparency to our customers – why?  Because quality is in our DNA.


Let’s look at the competition…

Here’s a patch made by one of our competitors.

This patch allegedly has 3480 mg + 15,200 IU of active ingredients incorporated into it, as well as the adhesive and gauze.  It measures 1 1/8″ x 1 1/8″.

This is their multivitamin patch,  ingredients below:


We weighed this patch on the scale in our lab and the total – active ingredients as well as construction materials – came out to 75.8mg.

The number from the scale and the number from the packaging don’t match.   This would concern me, if I were the end-user.  Or, at least an end-user with a laboratory quality scale.  There is no magic in the manufacturing process that can make 3000+mg of material weigh less than 80mg… especially as that doesn’t take the physical components of this patch into consideration.

An occlusive barrier is necessary to a properly functioning patch.   You can read about that here. Gauze is not a quality material for a monolithic patch.    Many of these ingredients are problematic, as is the number of ingredients.   Working with experts in the field, we tell our prospective customers this if they ask.

Does this patch work?   Well, according to research online, no – it doesn’t.  And that’s nearly the only nutraceutical patch research that has been done.

This kind of thing makes us crazy – because our clients get great results from the patches we make for them!   But, of course, our pricing doesn’t look anything like the prices charged for the gauze, postage-stamp sized patch you see in this picture.  Quality materials matter.


Our patches…

Here’s one of our patches.   This patch has 50mg of B-1 incorporated into the adhesive matrix.   It’s coated onto a thin film and is extremely comfortable to wear.   This patch is 2″ x 2″.


We’ve been making patches like this one for more than 20 years.   Finished weight?  259.1mg


What will YOU choose?

The nutraceutical marketplace works by word of mouth.   It’s illegal to make claims and the FDA comes down hard on companies that do.   Your long-term marketing strategy needs to be based on what your customers are telling their friends and family members, your customers’ experiences, your customers’ satisfaction.    And now Amazon is pushing their supplement vendors to have Certificates of Analysis.   We can arrange that kind of testing for vitamin or CBD patches – can your manufacturer?

If you want a business model based on quality, top-quality materials, and expertise, give American Custom Technologies a call.  We’d love to work with you and make your dreams come true. Contact us today!