Creating a Topical Patch

B-1 Patch on Electronic Scale



What combination of ingredients can you use to create a topical patch?  How many ingredients can be used? How much of each active ingredient can go in? These are the questions that our clients ask us every day.

How much active ingredient can I put in my topical patch?

The amount of active ingredient that can be used when creating a topical patch is determined by the size of the patch. Our monolithic patches can hold 16 mg of active ingredient per square inch. Usually, our customers prefer a 2”x2” patch, which gives them 64 mg to work with.

Sixty-four milligrams sounds like a negligible amount of supplementation, but topical delivery doesn’t go through the digestive system. Patches are small, thin, and light. A finished patch (including the film, adhesive, and active ingredients) doesn’t weigh more than 300mg. Consider that one of the benefits of wearing a patch is the comfort and discretion. Would you want to tape a penny to your arm? That’s what 2500 mg would feel like. Our patches are feather-light (literally!)

What ingredients can you combine in a topical patch?

Just ask us! We have a list of some of our more popularly requested active ingredients on our website but many more could be potentially useful. Vitamins, herbs, and CBD are all very popular when creating a topical patch.

Not everything is suitable for use in a topical patch. Some ingredients have the wrong molecular size or polarity.

How many ingredients can you combine in a topical patch?

We prefer not to make patches with more than four active ingredients in each patch. There are two reasons for this – first, the amount of active ingredients potentially available for absorption reduces to the point of minimum benefit. Second, the active ingredients sometimes molecularly bond or fight for absorption dominance.


Creating a topical patch is a matter of knowing the parameters. No more than four ingredients, no more than 16mg/square inch, and don’t try to put minerals or caffeine in your patch.

If you’d rather have someone else calculate the best active ingredients to reach your goals, let us know – our formulation team is here to help you. Contact us today and let American Custom Technologies help you make one of the best patches on the market!