Custom Contract Manufacturing of Topical Patches


American Custom Technologies has been providing contract manufacturing services to the topical patch community for decades.   We know our business, we are familiar with the requirements surrounding manufacturing nutraceuticals in the United States, and we are happy to make appointments for our customers to meet our staff and see our facility for themselves.  Looking for a manufacturer who offers transparency and great communication?   Look no further.


Most of our currently active customers fit into the nutraceutical space, but we have experience in making not only nutraceutical patches but working in the over-the-counter (OTC) drug space as well.   And that’s not all that goes into our products!   We have customers who bring us new ideas for products that are off the beaten path, and because of our decades of experience, we’re able to give them guidance about how to make their dreams into reality.


Non Disclosure Agreements & Samples


We would love to brag on our great customers – we’re very proud of what we produce.   Unfortunately for us, we sign away our bragging rights so our customers have privacy over their production process.   We never duplicate a formula – and we also don’t share with whom we work, except a few customers with whom we have specific agreements with all parties involved.


For the same reason, we can’t send you a sample of a finished patch – those patches belong to the custom contract manufacturing customers who have ordered them.   Since we don’t do white-label manufacturing, we don’t have finished-goods samples.   However, we will send you a sample of a placebo (monolithic) or dry pad (reservoir) patch if you contact us.   We are proud of what we make and would love for you to make an educated decision when you’re choosing your contract manufacturer.


Quality – Always.  It’s in our DNA.


When you choose a manufacturer, you’re choosing someone who has expertise, who uses top-quality materials, and who will help you make the best possible product for your end-users.   Our materials are top-notch, and the difference shows.   What kind of statement do you want to make in the market?  Working with an experienced manufacturer gives you an edge over the competition.


Looking for a contract manufacturer to supply high quality dry patches to “load on your own”?   We have a large number of clients who buy our dry pad patches, especially in the THC patch marketplace. They take the dry patch and load their own formula.  (This process involves saturating the pad in the center of the reservoir patch with the customers’ ingredient mix and replacing the liner, then packaging the patch for sale.   We don’t advise on this process, but see that it is well-documented online).


Why do the “load your own” customers choose our patches?  It comes back to quality.  THC patches aren’t inexpensive, and the end-user has a right to expect a good experience from more than just the active ingredients.   Our patches are made with medical-grade adhesive and comfortable foam, they’re designed for long-term, comfortable wear.   If you’d like to order a custom shape or size, just call on us – we can make that happen for you.


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