Custom Patch Manufacturer

Custom Manufacturing


Custom Patch Manufacturers are in the business of creating topical patches for each of their customers on a custom basis.   American Custom Technologies is a custom contract manufacturer – we make our patches fresh for each customer, on their request, to their specifications.


Patch size, shape, the active ingredients chosen, and a wide variety of packaging options are all customizable.   All of these variables change the price of the patch substantially, which is why we don’t have a ready-made price list.


This model of production is substantially different from white-label manufacturing.   We often receive calls asking for “our” version of various types of patches – we don’t offer off-the-shelf options.


What is a contract manufacturer?


A contract manufacturer is a company that manufactures your product for you.   It is the same as a private-label manufacturer.

In this model, you are outsourcing the manufacturing portion of your business.   You provide the specifications, we make your product.   As a custom patch manufacturer, we can provide many ways for you to customize both the content and appearance of your patch.    Size, shape, printing, liner artwork, and packaging are all customizable.

American Custom Technologies also supplies assistance in determining the specifications for the patches that we produce, as many of our customers are unfamiliar with the particulars of patch production.   This is one of the benefits of working with a company with decades of experience in custom patch manufacturing.

What’s the difference between a custom patch manufacturer and white label patch manufacturing?


A white-label product is a standardized product sold under different labels for different customers.   The product remains the same, the label is all that’s different.  An example of this would be the difference between name-brands and some store-brands.   Many store-brand products are exactly the same as the name brand, produced in the same factory, using the same ingredients.   They don’t have the name-brand’s marketing power behind them, but are functionally the same item.

American Custom Technologies is a custom contract manufacturer.   We make what you ask us to make, within our knowledge of what works and what is legal.  (We don’t make products that we know won’t work, and we don’t make products that we know will cause our clients to have a problem with the FDA).

Customers often ask if we have white-label products ready to sell.   The only products we have sitting on the shelves are our dry-pad patches.   Everything else is made fresh for each customer, to each customer’s individual specifications.    American Custom Technologies is not a white-label manufacturer.  If you call us to get our version of a “sleep patch” that we have developed, tested, and are just selling to you – we don’t have one.  We make your sleep patch, to your order, and if you’d like to have it tested, we know who to call.

We don’t disclose the companies with whom we work (other than our friends over at Topical Patch Supply), and we don’t copy their formulations.   The only exceptions are single-ingredient patches, i.e. CBD or B-1.

Are you interested in having a custom patch manufactured just for you?    Contact us today!