Nutraceutical Patches are a Growth Industry



Nutraceutical patches take advantage of innovative technology.   Many people are reluctant to add yet another pill or powder to their supplementation routine, even as they are simultaneously on the lookout for continued improvements.


Taking advantage of topical patch technology, you can create a product that doesn’t require your customers to ingest anything more than they already are.     The human interest in novel experiences is kindled by use of topical patches – it’s something they haven’t tried before!


You decide – would your ideal customer prefer a discreet patch hidden away, or would your customer be excited to wear a patch with your brand prominently displayed somewhere everyone can see it?    You can create patches with a wide range of branding options.


Nutraceutical Patches can be made with many vitamins and herbal extracts


Perhaps you want to turn your already-existing pill, powder, or cream into a topical patch.


Perhaps you want to create a patch from scratch and don’t know what ingredients to start with.


We’re ready to help you with formulation and consultation.   Not every ingredient that works in other routes works in a patch (link) but we have a team of experts here to help you get a product that not only sells at first, but creates satisfied customers who come back for more.


Nutraceutical marketing is all about word-of-mouth


Nutraceuticals aren’t OTC drugs  and you can’t make the same claims on your packaging or marketing as you could if your product had gone through the FDA.  But who has a billion dollars when they’re just starting out in business?   That’s why your marketing technique has to include happy customers who can talk about all the great things about your product that you can’t.


What drives repeat sales?   A great product.   Novel, yes – but it also needs to solve your customers’ problem.


How do you create a great product?  Use quality materials.   Work with experts.


At American Custom Technologies, manufacturing the best products in the patch industry is our goal.   As you’re creating a plan to make your product a household name, you want to put your best foot forward.   Your choice of topical patch manufacturer can make or break you.   Why not go with a company that you can trust?


If you’d like to learn more about what American Custom Technologies can do for you, please email us at today!