Process of Topical Patch Development


What is the process of making a custom topical patch? 

The process of making a custom topical patch starts with a dream.   That dream becomes more real as you make marketing decisions and research ingredients.  Having done that, you develop a formula, continue with research and development, and end with production, when your dream becomes a reality.    American Custom Technologies is here to walk you through every step!  We have decades of experience as a topical patch manufacturer, and we are ready to put that expertise to work for you.


Stages of manufacture


The first stage in any product manufacturing is to determine what we’re manufacturing.

This is the formulation stage of creating a custom patch.    If you know what you want to make, we can skip this step.   Ask us for a quote for formulation.  You also need to know which ingredients will pass the FDA’s audit.  No one wants to walk through all this work to find out a year or two down the line that it all has to be undone because no one thought to check the bureaucracy.


The second stage in custom manufacturing your product is to do a little R&D.

If you’d like to take your custom formulation and try it out on your friends and family, do a little market research, or even have us send it off to a third-party lab for testing, this is where we’d create a lab draw-down with your active ingredients.    Not every customer chooses to utilize this step, but it’s there for you – just ask us about R&D and testing.


The final stage in making a topical patch is production itself.

When you know just what you want to make – what active ingredients will go into your patch, what size and shape you’d like to use, any other visual details, what your pouch artwork will look like, and how many patches you’d like for your first big run, we’ll get the ball rolling.  Ask us for a production quote!


Each client is individual, and their experience, like their product, is customized to their needs.



Our clients’ needs drive the structure of our relationship.   Many clients walk in the door with a formula  already developed for their topical patch, and our pre-production discussions center on the specifics of their end-product.   Other clients have a general idea about what they’d like to get into the marketplace, and start with a formulation developed by our team of experts.  The process of developing a custom patch is as customized as the patch itself.  As your topical patch manufacturer, we’re here to get your product, your ideas, into your hands – with the high quality standards you’ve come to expect from American Custom Technologies.

While we’re working on the product, your in-house marketing team can start working on your artwork, what you’d like to put on the label, organizing your bar codes and getting any legally-required QR codes sourced.    Do you want us to package your patches?  We usually do, but some of our customers prefer to receive the patches in bulk.   We are all about custom, so just tell us what you want!

Our customers often have questions about the process and everything that goes into working with a custom manufacturer.    If there’s something we haven’t covered here, please let us know and we’d be thrilled to explain it in greater detail.

Let’s get started making your patches today!